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Expertise from concept to completion.

Durham Precision Optics has capabilities and expertise throughout the optical production process, from design through to post-manufacture metrology.


The integration of design capabilities and manufacturing sets Durham Precision Optics apart. As well as our unique CAD integration and validation, we can assist earlier in the design process with optical design and analysis, and mechanical integration of your parts into assemblies.

  • CAD Model Integration
  • Optical Design and Analysis
  • Opto-Mechanical Design
  • Optical Systems Engineering
  • CAD Model Validation
  • Freeform Optics Excellence


Our manufacturing capabilities are second-to-none. With the latest equipment and techniques available, along with our proprietary machining advances, we can affordably make ultra-precise optical parts that others cannot.

  • Direct Diamond Machining in Stainless Steel (Mirrax)
  • Custom Machining Toolpath Design
  • Precision Freeform Machining
  • Diamond Turning
  • Micro-structure Machining
  • Precision Micro-milling
  • Diamond Flycutting and Raster Flycutting


We can offer a wide range of metrology and testing capabilities including optical interferometry, non-contact 3D profilometry, surface roughness characterisation and precision CMM measurements. The metrology service can be offered as part of the total system design service or as a standalone metrology service for the precision measurement of customer produced parts.

  • Interferometry (up to 100mm aperture)
  • White Light Interferometry
  • Non Contact (CLA) Profilometry
  • Contact (stylus) Profilometry
  • CMM Measurement